Pharmacy Technician

The possibility to get a job with a good salary increases if you are certified technician who has some experience and is looking forward to switch to a new job opportunity. For those who are new to this field and have just completed the certification can look for locum certified pharmacy technician jobs. These are temporary job opportunities which arise as a result of long leaves taken by the full time technicians. They are expected to come back after a period of time and till then fresh certification holders are hired to work on temporary basis.
Pharmacy Technician
There are also options for many people to work in evening or weekend shifts in some companies. Seventy one percent of certified pharmacy technicians get their jobs in the sector of retail pharmacies, department stores or with medicine distributors. The rest of them are accommodated in medicine manufacturing companies or hospitals where clinical trials are carried out or in some other nursing homes.
Before we look into the job description of a pharmacy technician let us find out what is required to become a pharmaceutical technician. To enroll yourself in a school which provides you formal training to become a pharmacy technician you need to pass your high school education. You should also have enough basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Once you enroll yourself in an accredited school of pharmacy technician, you are taught about all the aspects of the subject.
In classroom and laboratory training you are taught the various pharmaceutical and medical terminologies, calculations of pharmaceutical records, record keeping, laws related to pharmacy and ethics, names of medications, their actions, uses and doses and other things related to your job. Extensive training is given so that you can pass the certification exam and get yourself the PTCB certification. Besides PTCB, you are eligible to pursue pharmacy technician jobs in various fields if you have certification from the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians.
Today, it is also possible to get certification through online classes and tests. After you have completed your course online and passed the exams conducted, you may be required to go for an internship in some hospital or a retail pharmacy to complete your education and get the certification.
As a pharmacy technician you would be earning a good salary package. As you become experienced in the field, your salary figure starts to rise very quickly. The National Pharmacy Technician Association has reported that even a newcomer can have an annual average salary of $39,000.
Therefore, certified pharmacy technician jobs pay you well. They may want you to carry out some multipurpose tasks like verifying the prescriptions, maintaining patients record, assisting patients with insurance norms and filling forms and others along with your core duties.

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