Pharmacy Technician Test

any states in the US still do not require pharmacy technicians to pass any pharmacy technician test in order to be allowed to practice. However, it is always good to have a certificate saying that you have passed the pharmacy technician test because it will provide a good understanding of the basic responsibilities. Moreover, having a certificate will increase the bargaining power of the employee, and he or she will get a higher salary than other non-certificate pharmacy technicians.

If you are thinking about sitting for a pharmacy technician test then you must do some research before joining any institute for training purposes. There are many organizations that offer training and education regarding this. However, it is very important that you choose an institute with a long history and is well respected within this industry so that you will be well prepared when you go for the test.

Now days more and more people are getting addicted to drugs and prescription pills. So, the role of a pharmacy technician can be abuse very easily. As a result, the integrity of a pharmacy technician must be very. This is why one must have a clean criminal record going back at least five years before he or she sits for pharmacy technician test. Moreover, if the applicant has any record of being convicted for a drug-related felony, his or her application will be rejected automatically. Also, a person under any form of restrictions imposed by the State Board of Pharmacy will be considered ineligible for this test.
If you are determined to become a certified pharmacy technician, then the next step is to know all about the tests. Two of the most renowned pharmacy technician test are the Pharmacy Technician certification Exam (PTCE) and the Examination for Certified Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT). These two tests are accepted by almost all the organizations in the healthcare industry.

The PTCE is a computer based 90 questions multiple choice exam. This pharmacy technician test will focus on the major responsibilities of a pharmacy technician, including the responsibility to his or her employer and the clients, how they should maintain pharmacy inventory and the overall administrative duty. A person can take this exam as many times as he or she wants. However, each time he or she has to pay the test fee.

This test is an on-going process like many other healthcare professions. A certified pharmacy technician will have is required to complete a certain number of study hours in order to maintain the certificate. Ten is the minimum expected hours to be completed after every two years. At least, one hour of the expected hours must be dedicated to pharmacy laws of the respective state. This is not surprising at all as the medical laws in the US are much debated and therefore, change all the time. As a result, both the pharmacist and pharmacy technician must be aware of any changes in the law that might have an effect the way they execute their functions.

If you are a pharmacy technician and do not want to remain as a technician until you retire and intend to become a fully qualified pharmacist in the future, then sitting for a certificate is a very good decision. Most pharmacy schools will give preference to students who already have a certificate. Moreover, having a certificate is a definite way of getting a higher pay and sooner promotion. And the cost is significantly low if you compare all the benefits. So, whether you are an aspiring pharmacy technician or hoping to be a pharmacist in the near future, sitting for the pharmacy technician test is the best way.

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