Pharmacy Technician Salary

You would be surprised to know that the pharmacy technician salary is actually good compared to other middle class jobs. The pharmacist technicians are people who are expert in managing pharmacy except that they do not have the requirements to be a physician, otherwise if consider they could become the physicians. It is their responsibility to supply the medicines of the pharmacists to the patients by checking the prescriptions of the physicians and providing the proper medicines. There are pharmacy technician who can run a pharmacy shop on their own or there can be a group of pharmacist technicians running a larger pharmacy shop. Since they supply the medicines, so they can draw a handsome salary altogether.

Depending on the qualification and experience a pharmacy technician salary may vary. Also, they may have a tight job schedule since they have to keep the shop open for twenty four hours. However, most of the pharmacy technicians are not much qualified and have known, learnt and experienced about the job by working with a pharmacist and their salary is lower than the pharmacy technicians who have a certificate in the management of pharmacy. So, you see that the pharmacy technician salary actually varies depending on the educational qualification and job requirements. The work experience is a great factor in this regard.

The pharmacy technician salary for a new employee may range from $20000 – $25000 per year, whereas, for the experienced employee it may range from $35000 – $40000. This range varies because as much as you will gain knowledge and experience, the more benefits you will earn from selling the medicines which will bring you a partial salary benefit. If counted in an hourly basis, the results will come for the new technicians $8 – $10 per hour and for the experienced technicians $12 – $18 per hour. Therefore, you see how the salary ranges vary. To know more in details you can ask at the pharmacy shops if you are planning to build a career as a pharmacist technician.

Often, the pharmacy technician salary is less in the pharmacies that are small in size, established in a rural area, run by a single person etc. On the other hand, large pharmacies that are linked with hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers can earn a good sell and thus can give high salaries to their technicians. Sometimes, the pharmacist may decide how much salary they will pay to the pharmacy technicians. However, this job is a stable job as there is no option to go for a higher position, but there are also exceptional cases where the pharmacy technician might be given career development choices if they have good work experiences, educational qualifications and are also eager to go for higher education to become a pharmacist.

There is nothing to be disappointed, because if you try and if you have the remarkable qualifications and experiences, you might get into the position of a supervisor in a pharmacy. This might be possible when you become an expertise in handling the medicines of the pharmacy. Then, joining a big pharmacy you can get a salary of $50000 and higher per year. However, the pharmacy technician salary is not also much lower if you consider the job position. This profession has becoming very demanding for which the pharmacy technician salary may also increase rapidly in the upcoming years which will be a benefit for the people related with this profession. As this profession is going to become more popular in the future, so it is time that you decide whether or not the pharmacy technician salary is enough for you.

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