Pharmacy Bio-Technology: Ingestible Medication Sensor

Imagine if it was possible for you to monitor if your patients were taking their medications exactly as prescribed.

Recently, the FDA approved a tiny, ingestible sensor that can be integrated into drugs to monitor medication adherence. The sensor, which is manufactured by Proteus Digital Health, is activated by making contact with stomach acid and transmitting a signal to a patch that is worn on the skin. This allows pharmacists and physicians alike to monitor if a patient is taking a medication as it has been prescribed. This patch also has the ability to collect data such as heart rate, body position, and activity.

It may seem a bit far-fetched, but with today’s technology, nothing is surprising. New ways to monitor medication adherence are constantly being introduced. This device is a major milestone for the industry and may become the new standard for influencing medication adherence in the near future.

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