Pharmacy Technician Test

any states in the US still do not require pharmacy technicians to pass any pharmacy technician test in order to be allowed to practice. However, it is always good to have a certificate saying that you have passed the pharmacy technician test because it will provide a good understanding of the basic responsibilities. Moreover, having a certificate will increase the bargaining power of the employee, and he or she will get a higher salary than other non-certificate pharmacy technicians.

If you are thinking about sitting for a pharmacy technician test then you must do some research before joining any institute for training purposes. There are many organizations that offer training and education regarding this. However, it is very important that you choose an institute with a long history and is well respected within this industry so that you will be well prepared when you go for the test.

Now days more and more people are getting addicted to drugs and prescription pills. So, the role of a pharmacy technician can be abuse very easily. As a result, the integrity of a pharmacy technician must be very. This is why one must have a clean criminal record going back at least five years before he or she sits for pharmacy technician test. Moreover, if the applicant has any record of being convicted for a drug-related felony, his or her application will be rejected automatically. Also, a person under any form of restrictions imposed by the State Board of Pharmacy will be considered ineligible for this test.
If you are determined to become a certified pharmacy technician, then the next step is to know all about the tests. Two of the most renowned pharmacy technician test are the Pharmacy Technician certification Exam (PTCE) and the Examination for Certified Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT). These two tests are accepted by almost all the organizations in the healthcare industry.

The PTCE is a computer based 90 questions multiple choice exam. This pharmacy technician test will focus on the major responsibilities of a pharmacy technician, including the responsibility to his or her employer and the clients, how they should maintain pharmacy inventory and the overall administrative duty. A person can take this exam as many times as he or she wants. However, each time he or she has to pay the test fee.

This test is an on-going process like many other healthcare professions. A certified pharmacy technician will have is required to complete a certain number of study hours in order to maintain the certificate. Ten is the minimum expected hours to be completed after every two years. At least, one hour of the expected hours must be dedicated to pharmacy laws of the respective state. This is not surprising at all as the medical laws in the US are much debated and therefore, change all the time. As a result, both the pharmacist and pharmacy technician must be aware of any changes in the law that might have an effect the way they execute their functions.

If you are a pharmacy technician and do not want to remain as a technician until you retire and intend to become a fully qualified pharmacist in the future, then sitting for a certificate is a very good decision. Most pharmacy schools will give preference to students who already have a certificate. Moreover, having a certificate is a definite way of getting a higher pay and sooner promotion. And the cost is significantly low if you compare all the benefits. So, whether you are an aspiring pharmacy technician or hoping to be a pharmacist in the near future, sitting for the pharmacy technician test is the best way.

Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy technician schools are institutes or programs that train, qualify and certify pharmacy technicians for their profession. A pharmacy technician is one kind of health worker who performs jobs in medical offices related to pharmacy such as reviewing prescription requests or insurance related documents, dispensing medication, instructing patients in the use of medical equipment, administrative work, etc. The medical offices they work in may be in hospitals, clinics, hospices, long term care facilities, doctor’s offices, pharmacy manufacturers, etc. Pharmacy technicians almost always work under the direct supervision of a licensed health professional (usually, but not always, a pharmacist).

Until the late 1990s, people in USA who wanted to become pharmacy technicians needed only a high school degree. However, the US federal government then appointed the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) to certify pharmacy technicians who had received proper training before they could begin working. This line of work is expected to have a very strong growth over the next decade with a projected 25 % increase in between 2010 and 2020. As a result more and more pharmacy technician schools are opening up as more and more universities offer pharmacy technician programs (including online courses). The top five schools in the US for training as pharmacy technicians are National College, Everest College, Virginia College, Kaplan College and Brown-Mackie College. The highest ranked online program is provided by the US Career Institute.

All pharmacy technician schools need to cover a number of subjects. These are pharmacology, chemistry, medical and pharmaceutical terminology, dosage calculations, drug reactions, pharmacy record keeping, interpreting prescriptions, pharmacy law, dosage forms, drug preparation and compounding of prescribed medications. Each of the above topics normally has separate courses dedicated to them. Pharmacy administration, pharmacy computing and medical billings are other courses which are optional to students. In addition to the classroom courses students must take part in clinical externships. These externships permit the students to use the theoretical knowledge they gained in classes to perform the duties of pharmacy technicians in a real world setting. They do so, however, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist who evaluates them and submits a report of their performance to the classroom instructor. This report has a bearing on the overall grade. There is additional laboratory work that the students must undergo. Pharmacy technician schools also hold frequent seminars on matters such as pharmacy ethics, etc for the students to attend.

Getting a degree from pharmacy technician schools may take between 6 months and 2 years depending on the sort of degree being sought after. The shortest program is the pharmacy technician certificate program and takes 6 months. Only a high school diploma is needed in order to enroll in this and it arms the student with only the basic and rudimentary skill set needed in order to perform the functions of a pharmacy technician in retail or clinical jobs. This program does, however, prepare students to take certification exams. The next step is the pharmacy technician diploma which is a year-long and often has a prerequisite of students needing to have associate level medical degrees in order to enroll. This program builds on the background knowledge of the previous degree by infusing the student with supplementary, skill based education and prepares them for certification exams. The final step is the 24 month long pharmacy technician associate’s degree. This is the part that involves field work placements and externships and covers a broad range of skills in the medical field with emphasis on pharmacy training and preparation for certification exams.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) offers the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). While this is not a legal requirement in order to work as a pharmacy technician, it is difficult for any candidate who has not passed this exam to find work. Hence all pharmacy technician schools recommend their graduating students to sit for this exam.

Pharmacy Technician Salary

You would be surprised to know that the pharmacy technician salary is actually good compared to other middle class jobs. The pharmacist technicians are people who are expert in managing pharmacy except that they do not have the requirements to be a physician, otherwise if consider they could become the physicians. It is their responsibility to supply the medicines of the pharmacists to the patients by checking the prescriptions of the physicians and providing the proper medicines. There are pharmacy technician who can run a pharmacy shop on their own or there can be a group of pharmacist technicians running a larger pharmacy shop. Since they supply the medicines, so they can draw a handsome salary altogether.

Depending on the qualification and experience a pharmacy technician salary may vary. Also, they may have a tight job schedule since they have to keep the shop open for twenty four hours. However, most of the pharmacy technicians are not much qualified and have known, learnt and experienced about the job by working with a pharmacist and their salary is lower than the pharmacy technicians who have a certificate in the management of pharmacy. So, you see that the pharmacy technician salary actually varies depending on the educational qualification and job requirements. The work experience is a great factor in this regard.

The pharmacy technician salary for a new employee may range from $20000 – $25000 per year, whereas, for the experienced employee it may range from $35000 – $40000. This range varies because as much as you will gain knowledge and experience, the more benefits you will earn from selling the medicines which will bring you a partial salary benefit. If counted in an hourly basis, the results will come for the new technicians $8 – $10 per hour and for the experienced technicians $12 – $18 per hour. Therefore, you see how the salary ranges vary. To know more in details you can ask at the pharmacy shops if you are planning to build a career as a pharmacist technician.

Often, the pharmacy technician salary is less in the pharmacies that are small in size, established in a rural area, run by a single person etc. On the other hand, large pharmacies that are linked with hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers can earn a good sell and thus can give high salaries to their technicians. Sometimes, the pharmacist may decide how much salary they will pay to the pharmacy technicians. However, this job is a stable job as there is no option to go for a higher position, but there are also exceptional cases where the pharmacy technician might be given career development choices if they have good work experiences, educational qualifications and are also eager to go for higher education to become a pharmacist.

There is nothing to be disappointed, because if you try and if you have the remarkable qualifications and experiences, you might get into the position of a supervisor in a pharmacy. This might be possible when you become an expertise in handling the medicines of the pharmacy. Then, joining a big pharmacy you can get a salary of $50000 and higher per year. However, the pharmacy technician salary is not also much lower if you consider the job position. This profession has becoming very demanding for which the pharmacy technician salary may also increase rapidly in the upcoming years which will be a benefit for the people related with this profession. As this profession is going to become more popular in the future, so it is time that you decide whether or not the pharmacy technician salary is enough for you.

Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Pharmacy technician jobs entail work in medical offices related to pharmacy. The medical offices they work in may be in hospitals, clinics, hospices, long term care facilities, doctor’s offices, pharmacy manufacturers, etc. Pharmacy technicians almost always work under the direct supervision of a licensed health professional (usually, but not always, a pharmacist). Pharmacy technician jobs in the US are usually restricted to Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs) what are certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Pharmacy technicians work under Registered Pharmacists (a position that requires Doctor of Pharmacy degree).

Pharmacy technician jobs are quite popular due to rapid growth in demand for pharmacy technicians in both medical and pharmacy offices. This demand is caused by the nature of modern medicine where the volume of patients makes it impossible for doctors to manage the dispensing of medication, registry of patients, following insurance related details, etc. and the growth of the pharmacy industry and its focus on retail outlets. The growing proportion of elderly population also has an effect on demand. A massive boon for the pharmacy technician profession has been the passing of the controversial Healthcare Reform Bill by the US Senate. This permits almost 48 million more Americans who previous did not have health insurance now have access affordable health insurance. All of the above generates jobs for pharmacy technicians. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2009 that 3/4th of certified pharmacy technicians worked in retail outlets while an additional 16 % worked in hospitals and clinics. The remainder is employed by such institutions as nursing homes, wholesalers, federal government institutes, etc. The job market is expected to enjoy growth of about 25 % from 2010 to 2020.

Pharmacy technician jobs differ from whether it is in a hospital setting or a retail setting. Jobs in retail setting are normally more clerical and involve tracking shipments, checking prescriptions, keeping inventory, handling customers, etc. Hospital pharmacy technician jobs, however, involve a lot of contact with patients and require more patience and people skills. Some of this work includes packing and labeling doses of medication, dispensing medication, reviewing prescription requests or insurance related documents, instructing patients in the use of medical equipment, administrative work, etc. Hospital pharmacy technicians also need to monitor patient charts and evaluate prescription needs based on them. Under the supervision of registered pharmacists, they also mix sterile products with other substances in order to form mixtures for intravenously introduced medication. Hospital pharmacy technicians normally have responsibilities than those working in retail, nursing homes, etc but the pay scale is higher for them as well.

Pharmacy technicians have higher income than most jobs that require similar levels of qualification. Pharmacy technician salaries depend on the number of years of experience the technician boasts and the references he/she can provide. At the entry level (which is to say no background experience), pharmacy technicians in USA make in between $15,400 to $22,700 per year. At an intermediate level (which is to say between 3 and 6 years of experience) salaries range in between $23,400 per year and $34,000 per year. Pharmacy technicians with more than 6 years of experience are normally assigned to supervisory positions over junior pharmacy technicians. Senior pharmacy technicians earn between $35,500 and $48,500 per year. The reason for this sort of disparity between the low and high end of the pay scale at every experience level is because normally the lowest paid pharmacy technicians are employed in retail pharmacies and grocery stores and their responsibilities are largely customer service based. Hospital pharmacy technician jobs entail heavier workloads and thus are paid much more accordingly.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Test

The pharmacy technician certification practice test is basically a test created from all the past tests that were taken by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board of different states. If anyone passes the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam taken by the state board, it will definitely increase the employability and bargaining power for him or her. Even people who are currently working as a pharmacy technician can get a raise if they pass the exam. That is why this test is very popular among the potential pharmacy technician even though it is not mandatory by most state pharmacy board. Taking the test without any kind of preparation is going to be very difficult even with proper knowledge in the relevant field. As this is a very important exam for the future pharmacy technicians, it is advisable that they test their preparations by taking a pharmacy technician certification practice test.

This sample test will have the same type of questions that are likely to come in the actual test. Although it is not guaranteed that the questions are going to be exactly the same, but they will be good enough to test your knowledge regarding the subject matter. All the questions that are going to come in this test are carefully chosen, designed and approved by the professionals to test your knowledge of the pharmacy technician field. So, before you go and take the real test that will eventually determine the future of your career, take the pharmacy technician certification practice test to do well. And since the questions are real examples taken from the previous board exams, it means you will be practicing on materials supported by the study done on real pharmacy technicians and the tasks they perform every day. So, if you do not do well in this practice test, chances are you do not know anything about what they do in real life.
You should consider doing the following steps if you want to become a certified pharmacy technician:

1. You should look for pharmacy technician schools that offer this pharmacy technician certification practice test. This will help you prepare for the actual test in the future. Also, you need to be enrolled in a school that offers certification exam so that you can sit for actual exam. The best way to find these schools is to search them online and then compare what they are offering. Then choose the one that suits you best.
2. After you have enrolled yourself in a school, try to get the latest copy of the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam guide published by the PTCB. This is the reference guidebook for the certification. With this guidebook, you will have a very good idea as what to expect in the real certification test and which pharmacy technician certification practice test to take for the preparation.
3. Now start taking the practice tests. These practice tests will tell you whether you are ready to take the actual test of certification. These tests will also help you correct your mistake overtime so that you do not repeat the same mistakes again in the exam hall. You can get these questions from the official site of PTCB, or you can buy them from any local store.

If you want to become a good pharmacy technician, then you must pass these practice tests with flying color. If you can pass the practice tests, then there is no doubt that you will do well in the real certificate exam. Passing these tests is not that difficult at all if you have the primary pharmacy training knowledge and proper training from your school. So, take the pharmacy technician certification practice test and boost your confidence.

Pharmacy Technician Certification

The career of a pharmacy technician is advantageous, but in order to draw a handsome salary, you have to have the pharmacy technician certification before entering the job field. Being one of the increasing and demanding jobs the medical field today, many people are recruited as pharmacy technicians now days. Therefore, if you are planning to build your career by working in a pharmacy as pharmacy technician, then you can either complete your education or join as a pharmacy technician or you can learn about the job by working with the pharmacists that will help you gain ample knowledge required to sell medicines. By receiving a pharmacy technician certification you can work as a certified pharmacist technician that will give you the benefits of working in higher places.

By joining the pharmacy technician schools, you can complete the one years’ pharmacy technician program that will help you gain knowledge about pharmacy and the management of medicines. After completing the course you will be able to deal with the customers, understand about the type of medicines they need and also suggest about the medicine that would be effective to recover them. There are some of the mandatory pharmacy courses that you will have to complete in order to achieve the pharmacy technician certification for the job. They include pharmacology, pharmacy record keeping, chemistry, drug preparation, pharmacy law, drug reactions, interpreting prescription, drug dosages and so on.

In addition, you will also have to do an internship under a certified pharmacist or manager in a real pharmacy or hospital, so that you can gain good knowledge and experiences for the job with the certification. Finally, when you are ready to give the pharmacy examination under the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and pass in it successfully, you will be given the pharmacy technician certification that will let you work as a certified pharmacy technician and this certification is important since it will help you to earn a good salary than regular inexperienced pharmacy technicians. Remember that, only a single pharmacy technician certification can assist you to achieve a higher position such as a pharmacist or a supervisor at a pharmacy that requires not only work experiences but also certification.

The pharmacy technician certification will let you join the profession that requires providing appropriate medicine to the patients, fulfilling prescription orders, measuring and counting the dosage of drugs, making prescription labels, combining medicines for creating a mixture and many more. It is the responsibility of the certified pharmacy technician to check the prescription carefully before providing the medical supplies to the patients. If you are a certified pharmacy technician, then you might also be given the responsibility to perform cash transaction, record the counts in registers, record patient history, having the ability to recommend medicines in case one does not work, keep updated with the new medicines and technological advances in the medical history.

For this reason, many pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies requires the pharmacy technicians with a pharmacy technician certification. A certified pharmacy technician may also find jobs in hospital, non – profit organization, schools, sports teams, government etc. that offer attractive salaries based or work experiences and hourly services. There is only one disadvantage and that is, you have to work almost twenty four hours every day if needed without any holidays on occasions, events etc. There is option that you can choose to work as a part time employee, but it is better to work full time when you receive a pharmacy technician certification. You may not only receive a higher salary but also benefits such as financial assistance, vacation, holiday pays, discounts, retirement benefits and so on. So, considering all these, you can plan to become a pharmacy technician that will give you better pay, better work schedules and other benefits – all by just obtaining your pharmacy technician certification.

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Need to know how to become a pharmacy technician? Not sure whether this line of work is suitable for you? Well, let us clear your confusion about how to become a pharmacy technician. A pharmacy technician does all the duties of a pharmacist other than counselling the patients and checking the accuracy of a filled prescription for the final time. So, his job is very important in a pharmacy.

How to become a pharmacy technician- steps you need to follow

1. You have to get good grades in mathematics, science and English courses. Pharmacy technicians must have the ability to perform mathematical calculations as they have to accurately measure the medicines. Furthermore, they must have good reading skills so that they can read the doctor’s prescription and distribute medication accordingly. Also, knowledge in these subjects will provide a firm foundation for future development.

2. All the states have their own rules and regulations in the United States. So, to know how to become a pharmacy technician you have to know the rules and requirements of your state’s board of Pharmacy. Most states do not have regulations governing the pharmacy technicians. However, they do require all the pharmacy technicians register with their respective board of Pharmacy before they start practicing. Many states if not all also require that pharmacy technicians get a certificate from either The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians. Some states also want additional training and education. Moreover, these things are subjected to change anytime. So, you should check the current requirements and regulations before you apply for it.

3. You have to attend a school that has programs specifically designed for this field of work. Most states do not have any particular coursework that has to be followed in order to practice as a pharmacy technician. However, an academic degree is very important and sometimes mandatory to get the job now days as the employers want someone well educated in this field. This increasing demand has created many educational institutes that offer specialized pharmacy technician programs in various learning formats. You can learn how to become a pharmacy technician by taking online courses as well as on-campus schooling and earn a degree. These programs commonly cover subjects such as pharmacology, pharmacy record keeping, pharmacy calculations, medical terminology, ethics, pharmacy law, chemistry, drug reactions, interpreting prescriptions, and drug preparations. Some of these schools prepare students for the national certificate exams as well.

4. You have to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician. This certificate is not required by the state Pharmacy Board. However, obtaining the Certified Pharmacy Technician degree will improve the job prospective and also substantially increase the salary. This is also applicable to the technicians already employed. They will definitely get a raise after the completion of the test. There are mainly two tests that can lead to certification, and they are: the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE) which offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT) which is offered by the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT). Both the exams are multiple-choice based and contain roughly 100 MCQ questions. After passing the exams a candidate is awarded with CphT credential. However, in some state only the more commonly PTCE is recognised. This is another reason why you should check with your state if you want to know how to become a pharmacy technician. All the certified technicians must get re-certified after every two years and must spend at least ten hours of education within this time.
The above-mentioned information is sufficient to know how to become a pharmacy technician.

Online Pharmacy Stores Benefits

Online services have changed the life of man and make full of comfort and ease. Advancement in internet technology has changed living standard of man. It has brought a sea change in our methods of purchasing.

There are number of purchasing portals are available for everything it may be small or big and online pharmacy stores are one of them. These online pharmacy stores will offer drugs or medicines. Bright Future With Online Pharmacy Various Types of Online Pharmacy Payment Schemes Possible Indicators for Online Pharmacy Scams Top Online Pharmacies: Your Health, Their Priority Online Pharmacy offers a variety of advantages for buyers.

Online purchasing has become a way of life for most people. That is the one of the reasons conventional drugstore shops have launched their online pharmacy to reach customers outside their local boundaries. These online shops are like conventional chemist shops those are offering a variety of drugs or medications such as non-prescription, prescribed and generic medication. The client can access a lot of medication. Even online pharmacy stores will offer important information about medication, various diseases and conditions, and about many things. Reputed online pharmacy stores: These kinds of Online Pharmacy stores will offer online doctor services for their customers. So due to this service, the customer will also take medical health advice from certified doctors.

Online pharmacy stores are Convenient: These online pharmacy stores will offer convenience to their customers and buyers. No need to go outside for purchasing medicines because you can order drugs just by sitting at home. Save money: Online pharmacy services will help to save money. There are many online pharmacy stores those are offering their services at discount rates. Online pharmacy stores offer their services throughout the world. Even there are some peoples those feel shy to purchase drugs from traditional stores.

So this is a good option for that kind of peoples. Today’s trend is changing day by day individuals are purchasing drugs or medicines through online pharmacies. Putting in the transaction is very convenient and easy. The customer has to give details of the medication online before they make the transaction. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to purchase medicines or drugs just sitting at home. These online stores will offer comfort and easy way to purchase for all kinds of medication without any problems and waiting. In a web-based pharmacy one can find any medication marketed in conventional pharmacies. But keep in mind that online pharmacy is registered and certifies by a valid authority, even online pharmacies are offering customer care service for their customers.

Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy How to Protect Yourself

There are many online pharmacy websites on the net. These sites present themselves as reliable online pharmacies offering high quality and low-priced drug. But not all of these sites are really legitimate. Some of them are fake and are only meaning to get money from innocent online customers.

To stop being a victim of these fake websites, the following are some website elements you must be aware of. Contact information Ensure that online pharmacy you are checking and will be purchasing from has contact information or online support which you can actually reach for questions and complaints. Examine for the contact information page and try out the information posted or the email address provided. Also, try to send a letter on the posted snail-mail address.

If there is a response from online pharmacy ‘s support the information you input then you are assured that the website runners are real people who are ready to give service to other people. If it is not, do not by all means even try to buy or provide your account details to the site as you have no guarantee that nothing bad is going to occur to your confidential information. Credible domain name It is the typical mistake of the individuals to overlook the domain name and url of online pharmacy from which they wish to buy medication. The quick reply when browsing the internet is to click the website from the websites proposed by the browser and to examine the insides of the site. The domain name should look and sound decent and comprehensive. Be sure that it is not anything but random letters and numbers squeezed in the middle of www. and. com. This can give you guarantee that online pharmacy does clean business transactions and is carrying a reliable name. Promotion How you learned about the online pharmacy is in reality an important factor in distinguishing whether it is legitimate and not fraudulent pnline pharmacy.

It’s good to note that the best means to look for a reliable online pharmacy is through your family or friends. Word of mouth gives you the guarantee that the online pharmacy has been proven and tested by more than one person and the product was good to the point that they spoke about it to another person. But, it does not mean that if you found the site by yourself, it is automatically counterfeit. You can look at review sites for notes so you can have an assurance before ordering. Popularity in the internet Note the length of time the website has been up and running. The duration of its presence in the web may be used to measure the legality and the reliability of the online pharmacy. Surely, the longer the site has been up and serving means that customers come.

The regular return and arrival of new customers point that the company gives excellent service and sells effective and safe medicines. Thus it is safe for you to choose this online pharmacy and buy from their site. is an online pharmacy, which is most popular with the internet surfers. This online drug store is the most reliable online source and meets all of these entities parameters. offers to it’s customers drugs, prescription medications, generic drugs, herbal remedy. Besides all this the delivery is always made within specific time whatever we promise. The customers can also check the status of their shipment and when they expect it to arrive. is run by a dedicated team which has responsibility for all aspects of technology, supply-chain management, live help and customer service.

Medicines and their Dosages

Now-a-days, there is cure for almost every disease. You just need to consult your doctor and he will prescribe the right medicine for your disease. However, sometimes these medicines do not seem to work at all. At other times, after taking the medicines, people tend to feel worst instead of getting better. These situations arise not because of the fact that there is something wrong with the medicine but because either you are not taking the proper dosage of medicine or that medicine might not be suitable for you.

You must take the exact amount of the medicine that is prescribed by your doctor in order for the medicine to work. If your prescription says that you need 120mg tablet, then you must take 120mg, not less, not more. Additionally, you should also avoid toxic stuff like alcohol and tobacco while you are completing a course of medicines. These toxic substances can react with the medicine and can result in unwanted outcomes.

You must also keep in mind that some medicines work properly when they are taken together with other medicines. Take the example of ezetimible. This drug is used for lowering cholesterol level by reducing the amount of cholesterol absorbed by the blood. This medicine works best and it is most effective when taken with fenofibrate. So, if your doctor has prescribed you two or three different medicines, take all of them. Leaving any one of the medicine will result in inefficiency.

Furthermore, you should keep your medicines stored at some cool place, far away from inflammables, and you must not take them with cold water. Medicines can cure your diseases, but, if not taken properly, they can also result in many unwanted and unfavorable outcomes. So, stick to your prescription and take the amount of medicine and you will be good in a few days.