E-prescribing E-Refills increases medication adherence and lowers costs

If you were a physician, prescribing medications electronically would seem easier and more convenient, right?

From a pharmacist’s standpoint, wouldn’t this also be more convenient for you?

According to a recent study by Surescripts, e-prescribing is not only a more convenient way to handle prescriptions, but it may also help increase medication adherence by your patients. In 2011, e-prescribing contributed to a 10 percent increase in patient first-fill medication adherence, according to the study.

According to the study, the number of physicians and clinicians using e-presciptions increased by 67 percent in 2011, and the amount of prescriptions refilled by pharmacists electronically increased by 75 percent. These figures show that the use of technology within pharmacies is increasing rapidly. E-prescribing could also help lower healthcare costs, which will keep many patients satisfied.

Why is medication adherence essential? If your patients wish to keep refilling their prescriptions through your pharmacy, it will bring you more business and result in satisfaction for both you and the patient in the end. Continued satisfaction is essential for your business– especially if you operate a small, independent pharmacy.

Another way that aids the patient in returning to your pharmacy is an electronic prescription refill reminder service. Several companies such as Mevesi, ClientTell, and OnTime Rx offer electronic prescription refill reminder services or software that assists patients in refilling their prescriptions on time.

Unfortunately, some barriers still remain when it comes to e-prescriptions, as nine states do not permit physicians to prescribe controlled substances electronically, according to Surescripts. In addition, although the FDA lifted a ban on the e-prescription of controlled substances in 2010, its complicated requirements cause most physicians to use paper scripts for controlled substances.

If we could keep finding ways to increase the use of e-prescriptions & e-Refill reminders, it could be a huge help to the pharmacy industry– especially independents.

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