Generic drugs: a cheaper way towards a healthy life

Every medication/drug undergoes a process of research and development that takes years and years of efforts from scientists all over the world. Thousands of millions of dollars are spent on one single drug to develop, manufacture and market it. Once a medication is approved by the health industry and fulfills the norms and standards set by the medical industry, it is launched into the market for a certain time period called the patent validity. Once the patent validity is expired other pharmaceutical companies start making these medications with another name at a cheaper rate. The new name is called the generic name and these medications called generic drugs.

Generic medicines do not lack quality and are not harmful for the health as they also come into the market after being approved by the health industry. These medicines are preferred by many as they are cheaper than the branded medicines. The core ingredient needed to cure a certain health issue for which the medicine is made is the same but the new manufacturer has the right to change the flavor, name and the packaging of the drug. The reason they are sold at very cheap prices is that they do not undergo the process of years and years of research and development on which millions of dollars have been spent. This kind of medication is unfortunately very rarely available from medical stores and pharmacies but is available online. They benefit the entire world as people who cannot afford branded medicines can easily buy these especially cancer patients who cannot afford chemotherapy and other expensive anti-cancer medicines get the benefit of buying these generic cancer drugs at very cheap and affordable rates. Generic medicines are a hope for poor people for a better and a healthier life just like other normal people.